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Eres Relocation was founded in 2007 by Elaine Hery and José Antonio de Ros, who have both been in the Mobility Industry since the early 90’s. Today, Eres is a renowned and privately-owned Destination Services Provider (DSP) with 9 offices in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Germany. The company embodies the clear ambition to offer high-quality immigration and relocation services all over Europe and is on its way to become the first European full-service DSP in the Industry. 

Eres Italy is the result of the merger between Nos Relocation, active in the Italian market since 2001, and Eres Relocation in 2017. We provide practical caring support, helpful guidance and sound advice to relocating employees and their families through our team of dedicated and experienced professionals. By ensuring that the employee and family are supported through all of the practical aspects of their move, we ensure that our corporate clients can count on the total efficiency of their transferees from day one. With such vital factors as the school and the home taken care of and the family in expert hands, the transferee is very quickly up and running, while our corporate client is free to focus on its core business concerns, secure in the knowledge that their investment in key global employees is maximized.

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Manuela Di Genova

Country Director

Alessandra Marangon

Immigration Consultant

Silvia Scatton

Relocation Assistant

Laura Biliato

Administrative Assistant

Gloria Valle

Relocation Consultant

Federico Fanali

Immigration Lawyer

Luca Pagani

Relocation Consultant

Alessia Viganò

Senior Relocation Consultant

Elena Sevieri

Key Account Manager

Sabina Passerini

Key Account Manager


Eres Relocation France


Eres Relocation France is happy to announce that it has acquired the French Destination Services company: A Good Start In France.