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Relocation Manager

Job description

Job Summary

The Relocation Manager will effectively coordinate all aspects of an international relocation, maintaining a high-performance, customer-driven culture with emphasis on customer satisfaction, operational excellence, and maximum value delivered to all stakeholders.

She/He will represent the primary point of contact for the assignees, their families and the HR Business Partner throughout the different steps of the relocation and onboarding phases.


The Relocation Manager is:

  • The primary point of contact for internal and external stakeholders on behalf of her/his assignees, guaranteeing a proper standing and an optimal stakeholders management;
  • A coordinator and facilitator in the relocation process, supporting the assignee in all the steps dealing directly with HRPB, correctly acquiring assignee’s needs
  • A manager who has a general knowledge of all onboarding activities in the relocation process
  • Proactive and agile, especially in case of special requests and peculiarities
  • A manager able to prioritize the open points on the table, guaranteeing timely and relevant updates to the assignee (avoiding unnecessary ones), monitoring of the activities conducted
  • Someone who has sensibility of the most critical steps in the relocation process (in terms of time and priority) to challenge agency correctly and address relevant problems
  • A coordinator between internal stakeholders involving HRBP and RMC accountants.

The profile we are looking for

Skills And Abilities Required

  • Highly organized, able to prioritize and multi-tasking
  • Excellent interpersonal, speaking and written communication skills
  • Collaborative, positive, resilient and flexible mindset
  • Previous experience in Relocation field
  • Lease negotiation ability
  • Italian mother tongue. Proficient in English, French as a plus

Additional information

Main internal and external stakeholders:


  • Relocation Field Consultants
  • Manager Business Partner
  • Global Account Manager


  • Third party services
  • Public Administration Offices
  • Client HRBP
  • Global Relocation (RMC)

We offer

Contract type: Maternity replacement 15 months


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